You want to get out from under a district food program

You want nutritious food that your students will enjoy

You want a financially sustainable food program

We will help you apply to become your own School Food Authority

We offer RFP and competitive bid services to help you find the best vendor

We provide financial guidance and forecasting

You want less administrative burden

You want guidance running day-to-day operations

You want a stress-free and findings-free state audit

We will take over your paperwork

We have a team with 70+ years of food service and operations experience

We have a successful state audit record


Why we do it

Capacity & Knowledge

Many charter schools...

  • rely on local districts with low quality food, high pricing and no control
  • lack capacity to implement the program and comply with regulations because of frequent staff turnover
  • fail initial audits and lose out on reimbursements
  • have trouble collecting funds from students
  • do not take full advantage of breakfast, snack, lunch and supper programs



What are the benefits

Economics & Healthy Food

We can help schools...

  • prevent loss in food service budget
  • process free and reduced lunch applications
  • increase money spent in classrooms
  • provide multiple food options for students
  • decrease food waste
  • increase control over staff and vendor
  • stay on top of changing USDA regulations
  • increase student productivity
  • promote good eating habits
  • train your staff properly
  • pass you state audit

How can we help

We can navigate the SFA process for you, administer your RFP for a food service vendor, and help your program stay in compliance all year.

Contact us today!

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