Why we do it

Capacity and Knowledge

Many Charter Schools...

  • rely on local districts with low quality food, high pricing and no control
  • lack capacity to implement the program and comply with regulations because of staff or high business manager turnover
  • fail initial audits and lose out on reimbursements
  • have trouble collecting funds from students
  • do not take full advantage of breakfast, snack, lunch and supper programs



What are the benefits

Economics & Healthy Food

School Food Solutions can help schools...


  • prevent loss in food service budget
  • increase money spent in classrooms
  • increase control over staff and vendor
  • increase student productivity
  • promote good eating habits
  • provide multiple food options for students

How can we help

We can navigate the SFA process for you, administer your RFP for a foodservice management company, and help your program stay in compliance all year. Contact us today! 

Emily Hufft Emily Chatelain