California Compliance Update - How does my school fulfill the CA EITC Notification Requirement?

Today, schools go above and beyond to provide wraparound services to students and their families. Some families may not realize that based on their child’s meal eligibility level, they can qualify for additional tax credits. Here at School Food Solutions, we try to make it easy for our school clients to relay this information to families through memo templates, robo call scripts, and Facebook blurbs. Reach out to the SFS team if you’d like access to any of these resources to fulfill the requirement below:

Each year, LEA’s are required to inform families of the California Earned Income Tax Credit Act (CA-EITC). The EITC is beneficial for families who qualify, as it both reduces the amount of tax households owe, and may also allow for a tax refund.

The CDE provides specific information that must be shared with all families in your school community, regardless of the students’ meal eligibility status. If this information does not pertain to a particular family in your school community, they may choose to ignore this information. Please follow this link for additional information and tips for sharing this information with your families. This must be done by Tax Day: 4/15/19!