Why School Food Solutions?

Our team has served over 50 schools serving more than 40,000 students across the nation to improve their quality of food and service for the past six years. School Food Solutions works closely with state agencies to ensure all state and federal (USDA) regulations are being met, and schools operate in compliance with the many program requirements. We have an experienced team that is dedicated to helping schools provide the healthiest and most economical food options possible. 

Our Partners

We've established ourselves as the go-to food program consultants in multiple states. Just ask our schools and state partners!

Meet the Team

Joe Keeney, Founder - 25 years of charter school experience; former President of a national network of charter schools; MBA and EdM in educational leadership

Tess Bradford, CEO - 10 years of charter school experience; former COO of oldest and largest CMO in New Orleans; former Executive Director for Recovery School District of LA

Bob Keogh, CFO - former Finance Director of oldest and largest CMO in New Orleans; former Director of Procurement and Finance for Recovery School District of LA

Lauren Knight, COO - 10 years of operations and logistical planning experience; certified Special Education Teacher with charter school experience; former corporate event planner

Debbie Daniel, Program Manager - 13 years of experience in State Department/Child Nutrition Programs; 12 years as a Cafeteria Manager for 650 students; former Regional Director in the School Nutrition Association

Sherri Wattigny, Program Manager

Jackie Duvivier Castillo, California Program Advisor – former head of nation’s largest charter school SFA, based in California.

Jean St. Felix, Xiao Lai, Xiao Zheng, Jawan Gulley - Our dream team of interns

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